EasyAligners are used in many cases, even where the traditional braces cannot be used. EasyAligners are always with you and always at work, wherever you are — at a party, in the workplace, with family or enjoy your holiday. Visit the clinic closest to you, and get a consultation (usually consultation concerning the system of Easy Align is free).

An important advantage

Easy Align Technology allows producing at once, not all aligners, which makes it possible to adjust at any stage of treatment and breaks to pay for your treatment on the part. Periodic visits to your dentist, during wearing EasyAligners, allows doctors monitor the progress of your treatment.

What is it an aligner?

Aligners (alternative to braces) are a series of transparent removable appliances, which are used by dentists to sequentially move teeth for the purpose of alignment. For several years, these appliances are used in many countries around the world.

With the development of digital technology, the use of aligners has become an integral part of modern orthodontics.


What is EasyAligner?


EasyAligner — is an aligner, which is made of ultra-modern digital technology Easy Align.

Thanks to Easy Align your teeth will be clearly and safely moved and placed in the ideal position. It’s really fast, convenient, safe and affordable in comparison to other systems.

Practicality and aesthetics!

EasyAligner are virtually invisible and easily removed before eating, tooth brushing or replacing the following EasyAligner.

Easy Align — one of the most aesthetic orthodontic techniques that will help to be treated with minimal interference in your daily life and to achieve a perfect smile. EasyAligners virtually invisible and, therefore, the treatment itself will not affect your lifestyle and appearance.


Easy Align — a new generation of aligners based on the computer diagnostics and 3D simulation.

Thanks to Easy Align your teeth will be clearly and safely moved and placed in the ideal position, which is modeled by your physician.

Veneers are not an alternative to orthodontic treatment!

On the Internet, many private clinics offer quick and highly aesthetic solution of pathologies of occlusion using veneers. Is it always veneers may make an alternative to orthodontic treatment? Definitely not!

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