Dear colleagues, I would like to mention, that for already several years transparent aligners Easy Align are remaining profitable for the distributors of technology. Terms of cooperation do not require from you any investments, the purchase of «warehouse» of goods, tracking of its duration and transmission for realization of your sub dealers followed by «knocking out» of the last payment for the sold goods. Having 25 years of experience in this market, I went through all of this. And when I started to work with easyaligners, I have realized that this is the business that I dreamed of all of these twenty-five years.



Digital technologies have entered not only into our lives, but also into the work of dentists. The digital future has already become present in some countries. And you have the opportunity to be the first in your country and to become a leader. The main thing is to enter the market on time, while others still think and say: «that is still too early for us to start, people are not ready yet to work with this new technology…»



Many dentists are willing to accept orthodontic patients on their own, but just can’t do that due to the complex and long-term process of studying, the need to purchase expensive tools . Technology of transparent aligners Easy Align will allow such dentists to perform treatment by themselves in most of cases.



Today’s patients are more aware of aligners and turn to orthodontists, but because of the expensiveness of technology, most orthodontists are forced to deny such patients. The technology of transparent aligners Easy Align has the best price (the lowest one among the similar aligner systems) and excellent quality.



The distributor’s task is to get money from the doctor and to transfer the order to the manufacturer. Only one trained manager and orthodontist-consultant is enough.
If you are willing to try, please write me at oleg@promed.ua
Terms of cooperation will not be burdensome to you.
Sincerely yours , representative of the technology of transparent aligners Easy Align in countries of the former CIS, Director of «Promed» , Suzdaltsev Oleg.


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