1. Warn patients not thrown away used EasyAligner, and folded back into the box with the corresponding numbers, as it is possible to return to 2-3 EasyAligner ago.


2. If EasyAligner was broken or lost, it is necessary to wear the previous aligner and contact the representative in your country, it may be necessary to manufacture a new one, but in some cases, it is possible to do without it.

3. In case of EasyAligner loss, advise the patient to wear the previous one, if the patient wore the lost EasyAligner less than 4 days. If more than 4 days, then – the next one. You can also make an order for restoration of the lost EasyAligner — three times per patient is free of charge (order will be shipped to you within one week).

4. Recommend your patients before changing EasyAligner on a new one to check percussion. If there is sensitivity, the previous aligner should be used the previous a few more days.

5. Each time write the date of changing EasyAligner on a new one on the appropriate box.


6. In case of the absence of teeth, for greater aesthetics, you can order the aesthetic tab to close dentition defect.


7. Recommend your patients to wear a new EasyAligner overnight.

8. Use last EasyAligner during night as a retainer or delete Retention point (RP) and order an EasyRetainer.

9. In order to better control the patient do not give the whole set of aligners at once.

10. In the case of RP debonding, take any previous EasyAligner, cut the desired track and set the RP again.

11. For a better bonding on the top layer of the RP, use a liquid composite.

12. In the case of sealing teeth, EasyAligner is used as a matrix.

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