Models provided by you are scanned  


Based on digital models, x-rays, photos and personal data of the patient, diagnosis, analysis and patient’s treatment plan are made.


Final result is simulated on the computer and agreed with the customer.


Modeled treatment plan is divided into virtual (computer) setups (intermediate results).


From virtual setups through a complex process of computer milling, solid set-up models are manufactured.

Easy Aligners are made on set-up models by forming under pressure from the special adapt of a certain thickness.


The most advanced computer programs in the world: OrthoAnalyzer Danish company 3Shape and Dolphin the U.S. Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions Technology are used for Easy Align technology.

The most modern equipment in the world:

Scanner D 700, Danish company 3Shape, mills and 3D printers


Materials and equipment, authorized by the Ministry of Health for use in medical practice in Ukraine, are used in the manufacture of Easy Align.

And also FDA (Ministry of food and drugs quality control of the USA)



Unlike all systems, approved for use on the Ukrainian market, Easy Align may adjust the treatment in order to achieve greater efficiency at any stage at no extra charge.


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