Have you ever known that the first aligners were invented in the 1940s, and then have returned in 1970?


Let’s get straight to the point…

So, more than half a century ago the technology was «born» in the United States. The technology, which allows moving teeth without braces, using the system of clear plastic aligners that are worn on teeth. Since then, this technology has been significantly improved and adapted, and today the Easy Align Technology makes it possible to align the teeth at any age, and almost imperceptibly.

In the early 1940s, Dr. Kesling was the first to apply the technique of dental positioners (formerly aligners) in the final stage of some types of orthodontic treatment. Positioners of doctor Kesling were able to move the teeth slightly and could be used to save (commit) dentition after the orthodontic appliance was removed to align the dentition. Dr. Kesling has correctly predicted that in many cases teeth can be moved step by step, undergoing certain stages. This statement was an important background in the emergence of the Easy Align System, which is used today.


In the year 1971, the so-called «invisible retainers» have been invented, and the gradual moving to the usage of transparent splints appeared later. After all, a method that was based on the proposal of Dr. Kesling, was at that time quite a time-consuming, since the new impressions had to be done at each visit in order to track changes. It was virtually impossible and quite financially unsustainable for ordinary people, so orthodontists returned to the usage of braces.

Since the early 2000s, American and European specialists are confirming even more intensively in their practice the statement of Dr. Kesling, and prove that the system of aligners can be used for the full treatment and even in cases that are more complex.
Nowadays, the «non-braces» teeth alignment systems are rapidly gaining popularity as people realize that they can have straight teeth, while maintaining an aesthetic smile.
For example, why one cling the system of metal should braces on his/her teeth, if he/she wants to move only one or two teeth.


Easy Align system eliminates the need to create a new model for each new aligner. Using the system of 3D modeling and digital manufacturing technology, as well as visualization of the treatment, Easy Align allows you to create a series of easyaligners, that gently, but effectively will be able to move the teeth in small steps of 0.25 to 0.3 mm.

The concept of Easy Align Technology is that a transparent plastic aligner that is formed on an impression, scanned from the patient’s teeth and consists of small coverings that have the shape of teeth. Each aligner is manufactured individually with the help of a special system of 3D computer modeling. So, the mechanism is the following: the walls of an easyaligner exert pressure on the teeth, the position of which you want to change, performing a gradual movement in the appropriate direction.


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