Each aligner before first use should be handled with a disinfectant. Don’t eat and don’t make biting motions in aligner, it can damage it or change the direction of the force.


Easy Align is removed only during eating and brushing. At this time, Easy Align keep away from heat, children and Pets in a special Easybox.

During treatment, the patient’s teeth are in the «unnatural environment»: difficulty in washing the saliva and other factors can cause increased sensitivity. Therefore, we recommend that special attention be paid to hygiene. As Easy Align covers the gum for 2-4 mm, special attention in hygiene must be given to the gingival margin. Any injury can change the shape of the gums and the wearing of EasyAligners have to be set aside.

For this reason, we recommend special hygiene products..  Twice a day: in the morning, during Breakfast, and the subsequent cleaning of the teeth, and during the dinner, Easy Aligner should be cleaned. Clean Easy Aligner with toothbrush for dentures of the company «Jordan», Norway toothpaste. Teeth are better to brush with toothbrush, which will not injure the gum with the toothpaste.


Useful advice

Do not throw away Easy Aligners. In case of loss of Easy Aligner wear and consult with your dentist, wear it until you get the restored one.



Easy Align is a provider of technology worldwide. If you are accustomed to your dentist and want to be treated by him, give him our contact and we will teach him how to work with Easy Aligners.

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