Advantages of aligners:


1. No calls and stories about untwist ligatures, torn braces and stabbing arcs;
2. There is no difficulty, as for example in case of bonding braces on places, that are hard-to-reach;
3. While planning treatment, you may use the experience of your abroad colleagues;
4. Attraction of additional patients, who are not willing to wear braces (small movements, public people);
5. Expansion of the scope of your clinic services;
6. Possibility of combined treatment;
7. Finalization of the teeth position after the removal of braces;
8. Correction of secondary traumatic occlusion in patients with periodontal pathology;
9. Allow to receive therapeutic care during the time of treatment;
10. Ability to use on patients with enamel in poor condition;
11. Ability to use on patients, that have periodontal diseases;
12. Ability to use on patients with poor hygiene;
13. Does not require additional financial costs (tools, special equipment, training, etc.);
14. The process of bonding of braces takes 1 hour or more, of easyaligners — 15 minutes.

Advantages of Easy Align Technology:


1. The errors, that may occur during modelling are eliminated (no manual operation)

Everything is made only on computer under the control of program and experienced European orthodontists, the manufacturing of a setup is proceeded by high-precision computer milling.

The ability to use during the period of mixed dentition

Commonly, a child’s jaw is changing every two months. In this case, re-prints are made every two months and 3 easyaligners are produced upon those new re-prints.

2. The price and quality

European quality, Ukrainian prices.

3. Control of treatment

Every tenth easyaligner is produced taking into account movements the teeth of the previous nine.

4. Rapid manufacturing

Maximum term of manufacturing of easyaligner is — two weeks.

5. Rapid restore of lost or damaged easyaligner

The maximum manufacturing time of the lost easyaligner is — one week.

6. Does not require the dentist’s experience in orthodontics

We will calculate, produce, send, and will also monitor!

7. Ease of installation

All easyaligners are manufactured by Easy Align Technology, marked with the number and jaw and are easily recognized by the patient.

8. The choice of treatment plan

Order the required amount of treatment plans for a more optimal choice.

9. Consultation of doctor of gnathology and osteopathy

Consultation of doctor of gnathology and osteopathy. During the treatment of patients using the system of transparent aligners Easy Align,

Easy Align you have an opportunity to obtain the opinion of an experienced doctor of osteopathy and gnathology on:

How to avoid the possible common complications during orthodontic treatment

How to prevent complications of the TMJ

How to avoid problems and neurological problems and diseases of ENT-organs

How to improve the aesthetic appeal

How to prevent or improve the condition of bruxism

How to improve posture.

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During the manufacturing of easyaligners we have the ability to vary the thickness of ADAPT, from which the easyaligners are produced, the width of the soft tissues, that would be occupied by an easy aligner, shape and size of retention points. These fundamental specialties, that differ the Easy Align System from similar systems can speed up the process of treatment and make it more comfortable for your patient.



The system of transparent aligners Easy Align is one of the few systems where the teeth movement is carried out on the computer by orthodontists.


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