The advantages of aligners:

Smile Aligner

1. Invisible

The main advantage is that they are practically invisible.

2. Removable

The patient can remove it while eating or brushing teeth.

3. Comfortable

Do not change the diction, not inject, do not irritate the mucous membrane, can be removed during important events.

4. Hygienic

Easy, convenient, habitual cleaning of the oral cavity in all ways.

5. Hypoallergenic

Due to its consist aligners do not cause allergies.

6. Harmless to enamel

There is no need for total etching of the enamel; there is no risk of enamel chipping like braces.

7. Efficiency

The alignment of the teeth occurs from the first stage of treatment.

8. Reducing time of visiting the dentist

Compared with the traditional treatment you spend much less time visiting your orthodontist.

It is important to know!

The size of the Aligner, as an orthodontic appliance is much smaller than the size of the bracket system, which reaches 3 mm. This means that the bracket system moves the lips and cheeks more than 3 mm from the tooth surface, which does not adorn the patient.

Segmented LARGE


Advantages of Easy Align


1. Digital modeling

 Eliminated errors in the simulation (which is possible with manual modeling on the plaster model).

2. Digital manufacturing of Easy Align

The reconstruction of the physical model is performed through high-precision computer milling.

3. Availability

 Our price will surprise you.

4. Visualization of treatment

 Thanks to computer technology, you will see the result before starting treatment.

5. Rapid manufacturing

 We will produce and send Easy Align to your dentist within 14 working days, we will restore damaged or lost easyliner within 7 days.

Additional features

May simultaneously carry out teeth whitening

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