1. It is very expensive!

No more expensive than treatment with aesthetic braces, and in some cases cheaper.


2. It is necessary immediately to pay the entire amount!


Easy Align issued by sets and paid partially. As a result, the patient gets the credit and the doctor has the opportunity at any time to change the treatment plan without the additional financial costs.


3. You must be an orthodontist!

The main thing is to be a dentist and have a minimum stock of materials and instruments for therapeutic appointment.
Not need any experience or expensive orthodontic instruments.


4. Waiting for the order for a long time!

It’s even faster than you expect. You will receive the first set of Easy Aligners within 14 working days.


5. It doesn’t work or is inefficient!

Several million patients worldwide were cured and continue a treatment on such systems.


6. It is impossible to predict the result of treatment!

Digital modeling allows you to show the result of treatment. We consider data of the articulator and the position of the roots in the bone.


7. The patient may have gingivitis!

The fact that Easy Aligners cover the soft tissue, puts an impossible injury of the cervical area, in addition is more control and fixation.


8. The treatment process takes a long time!

The period of orthodontic treatment on Easy Aligners is often shorter due to the lack of some of the steps that are required in the treatment on braces.


9. Who will answer questions and with whom to solve problems if they arise?

We are located in Ukraine and is ready to give advice or answer your questions almost instantly.

We strive to be better, faster and more economical than other!

We just can’t allow low quality products.

Or large in terms of manufacturing. Or high prices.

Or indifferent managers.

Or something lower than you expect from us.

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